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We make ARt

We collaborate with and connect artists to create unique digital art in limited edition series

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Why art as nfts?

NFTs allow artists to create limited edition series of digital artwork, and collectors to verify ownership of the exclusive art.

A non-fungible token is a completely new type of digital technology that allows proof of ownership. While can print all the copies you want, there’s only one real Mona Lisa – the one hanging in the Louvre. Just like a certificate of authenticity, the NFT preserves ownership of digital artwork.  Each is unique, and NFTs create a unique opportunity for investors to connect with artists from around the world. For the artists, NFTs allow them to take control of their creativity and reach markets and which previously would not have been possible. In addition to more and more global exposure, NFTs allow artists to easily sell their artwork in a burgeoning market.

At Reality Production Machine, we work with artists to realize their art style in a new digital form as NFTs.

We are passionate about producing innovative art by connecting performance artists with impactful visual artists to create a multimedia art experience powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Our projects are collaborations between rope artists, DJs, singers, 3D modelers, videographers, and icons of subculture. We work closely with artists to create new forms of media and art using the latest technology and production pipelines.

What we do

Project Showcase

We worked with Hajime Kinoko, the world’s preeminent shibari, or “kinbaku” artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece: a 3D model of a rope art installation. The video below shows the production process.

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Our Team

zak Shibuya

Donnie Kimball

Mateo Black

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Make art with us

Starting in July, Reality Production Machine will be hosting an artist residency in Tokyo to further cross cultural artistic development. The team will invite foreign artists to come make art in Tokyo and partake in Japanese culture. Through these new experiences, the artists will produce original works that take inspiration from their now broadened horizons. Thereafter, they will present these creations at galleries in Tokyo at the closure of their residency. The program will go by the name of HARP (Harajuku Artists Residency Program). For questions about HARP or other inquiries, please leave us a message below.