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Hajime Kinoko x MetaTokyo Waifu

Our ongoing collaborations with Japanese rope tying artist, Hajime Kinoko, have bridged the technical gaps of capturing complex rope art installations and making them into 3D models which fully represent the intricacy of Japanese kinbaku art.

Hajime Kinoko x MetaTokyo Waifu Video Contest

Calling all art enthusiasts! Take a short video of 3D Nana wherever you like for a chance to win $1000 and a super special NFT. Our newest project, Hajime Kinoko x MetaTokyo Waifu, is a high-resolution AR model of Nana, in a Japanese mech suit. Nana is bound by ropes and captured in this form for viewing through your phone or VR device anywhere in the world in astonishing detail.

Click the image below to view Nana in AR on your iPhone and take photos and video together with Nana in AR. Then enter our video creation contest. Entrants can place an AR Nana model anywhere in the world to enter for a chance to win.

View Nana in AR – Click the image below (this view is only available for iOS)

Production Process

This video shows the technical issues of capturing rope art in 3D and making a high-quality NFT using Hollywood digital production methodology.

About the Artist

Widely considered to be the world’s leading shibari artist, Hajime Kinoko has been working with ropes since as far back as 2001. Since then, he has continued to push the boundaries of what can be done with just ropes and the human body via his unique style.


In addition to being a world class creator of art, Hajime Kinoko has also won many awards for his work and has even held a session at the prestigious Kyoto University. Additionally, he has also done shibari installations overseas for high profile events like Burning Man.

“Samsara” Sold on 5.29

Our first collaboration piece with Kinoko, “Samsara,” sold for 6.25 ETH on 5.29 after a week-long auction. Samsara is a remarkable art piece, a massive web of ropes with a model suspended inside, recreated in 3D by professional modelers and viewable in AR