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Kinoko Shibari 3D Models

Kinoko-sensei is the preeminent shibari (Japanese rope tying) artist in the world. We collaborated to create a series of 3D models from scans and images taken of his intricate rope art.


Release Date: May, 2021

DJ Nobu

Underground Japanese techno legend DJ Nobu was interested in releasing music as NFTs, so we brought his brooding deep sounds to the blockchain.


Release Date: July, 2021

Kinoko x Artem

We teamed up with Artem Skiy, a talented Tokyo-based videographer to create a video showcasing Kinoko’s rope work once again. Cyberpunk lighting and an industrial warehouse set the mood for this futuristic video concept.

Release Date: June, 2021

Why art as NFTs?

A non-fungible token is a completely new type of digital technology that allows proof of ownership. While can print all the copies you want, there’s only one real Mona Lisa – the one hanging in the Louvre. Just like a certificate of authenticity, the NFT preserves ownership of digital artwork.  Each is unique, and NFTs create a unique opportunity for investors to connect with artists from around the world. For the artists, NFTs allow them to take control of their creativity and reach markets and which previously would not have been possible. In addition to more and more global exposure, NFTs allow artists to easily sell their artwork in a burgeoning market.

Fast and Global

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Guaranteed Security

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We help artists develop their own art NFTs, and/or collaborate with other visual, digital, and audio artists to create a unique, high-quality multimedia piece of art

NFT ARt publishing

We mint the NFT for the artists, so artists don’t need to worry about the technical side of creating smart contracts on the Ethereum network and publishing them to p2p marketplaces

Global Marketing

We work together using press releases, influencer marketing, live events, and our expanding network to promote and ensure the launch of the NFT is a success

Transparent Revenue Sharing

With smart contracts, artists receive profits not only upon the initial sale, but on every following sale as well​ if the purchaser decides to put the art up for sale again

Collaborate with us in Japan with our Harajuku Art Residency program or create art with us remotely

The Party

Zak Shibuya

Executive Summoner

Mateo Black

Creative Druid

Juanito Sanchez

Backend Developer

Brad Jarret


Zak Shibuya

Executive Summoner

Mateo Black

Creative Druid

Hear about new drops first

Countdown to genesis drop - Kinoko 3D NFT








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