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Hajime Kinoko x MetaTokyo Waifu

Calling all creators to the metaverse! RPM’s Meta Video Contest is underway!

Have you envisioned what the world will look like in 20 years? In 10? Or even 5? Well, the team at RPM has and we want to collaborate with video creators all over the globe to make this future a reality NOW in our present world. To do so, we’re holding an epic contest and we’re inviting you to join. The top three videos will each win a $1,000 prize and an exclusive NFT for their creators which will entitle them to special benefits!

Why are we doing this? Well, we’re curious to know how do you see the world becoming. Speaking for ourselves, we are entranced by Japanese subculture and it’s why we are choosing to invest our lives, time and energy to share it internationally. Do you like Japanese subculture? How about traditional art? Regardless of your tastes, there’s synergy to be had here in this brave new world! We want you to also put your passion into this space together with us to create something unique and new.

At RPM Studio, we obsess over how 3D technology, cryptocurrencies, AR and VR are changing our world and how they will play a role in our future behavior as a species. Within this niche ecosystem we are in right now, there are no limits as technology knows no borders. Immigration departments can’t stop virtual tourists in these emerging spaces. Our goal is and always will be to bridge the divide between Tokyo and the metaverse.

See Meta Nana on your phone:

So, on that note, we proudly present MetaNana, a project in collaboration with the legendary Hajime Kinoko! The file is now available to view and display on your smartphones and tablets via the button below. Simply touch the AR button to display the file and you can tak e pictures and videos from your mobile device. With this, we want you, the reader, to come up with a unique video that uses MetaNana.

 Post it on Instagram

Create a post for your video with the following specifications.

  • Tag @RPM.Tokyo and @Kinoko_Shibari, @Nana_200707 and two of your friends who will enjoy your work
  • Use the hashtags #MetaTokyo #Waifu3D #RPM #NanaInTheMeta
  • After you upload your post, post a story and tag @RPM.Tokyo

Post it on Twitter

Quote retweet the pinned tweet on @RPMTokyo

  • Insert your video into the quote retweet
  • Tag two friends who will enjoy your work and @shibarijp
  • Enter hashtags: #MetaTokyo #Waifu3D #RPM #NanaInTheMeta

Fill Out our Google Form

  • Head on over to this Google Form and enter your details

The contest will be from July 10 to August 10 and winners will be selected by August 20. Good luck and enjoy creating!

See you all in the metaverse.